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Partnership makes sense for both of us

If you operate or plan to operate in Denmark or other Scandinavian countries, partnering with PharmAdvice would be a shortcut to experienced resources with knowledge of the market regulatory settings.

As your partner, we invest in understanding your business and goals, and we prize long-term collaboration as the cornerstone for effective and value-adding activity.

Our business is about knowledge. With ongoing training, networking, strong

relationships in industry associations, and our everyday hands-on work, we emphasize making a difference for our customers in the fields of Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs and Marketing Compliance.

We are happy to work as an external Pharmacovigilance or Regulatory Affairs department, a consulting partner, or just a flexible resource.

We are eager to help any company, whether new or well-established, that is looking for competent solutions in our areas of knowledge.

Susanne Felumb, CEO and QA Manager
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