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We have strengthened our knowledge regarding promotion of medicinal products and are pleased to announce that Susanne Tovborg-Jensen has obtained the Diploma in Marketing Compliance from Atrium in Copenhagen

The Marketing Academy Programme at Atrium provides a detailed understanding of the rules and regulations for promotion of medicinal products set by the authorities and the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark and Europe.

With the new diploma in-house, we see a strengthened in-depth knowledge within the challenges of:

  • Communication and advertising to the public
  • Communication and advertising to Health Care Professionals (HCP)
  • The pharmaceutical industry’s use of e-communication and apps as marketing tool.

We can offer you professional guidance regarding:

  • Review of promotional materials to ensure compliance with current legislation and code of ethics
  • Current rules and practices regarding professional meetings, gifts, sponsorship and representation targeted towards HCPs, decision makers and other stakeholders
  • Applicable rules and legislation for the use of eHealth as a marketing tool for medicinal products.
More about the Marketing Compliance Academy program

Legislation and guidelines regarding promotion

For more information on legislation and guidelines regarding promotion of medicinal products, please contact Susanne Felumb.

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For an initial talk, please feel free to contact Susanne directly at: +45 4450 3206, or via

Susanne FelumbCEO and QA Manager, MSc. Pharm.
Susanne is the owner and CEO of PharmAdvice, and has more than 20 years of experience in the international pharmaceutical industry with QA, and regulatory affairs.